Meetings – 2023

Date: January 24, 2023VIRTUAL MEETING
“Genealogical Treasures in Military and VA Pension Files”
Speaker:  Lori Miller

Date: February 1, 2023 – Leominster Public Library in Partnership with CMGS – VIRTUAL MEETING
Speaker:  Thomas MacEntee – Escape Room – “Who’s Behind Those Foster Grants?”

  • Research Form:
    Sharpen those research skills by researching NOW and then participate in the “actionable genealogy education” – NOTE: You are allowed to use ANY online sites for GENEALOGY research; most clues can be found on Ancestry at and FamilySearch at And if you “cheat” by simply using Google to find information, you are only cheating yourself out of an amazing story of an amazing man.

Recording HERE – Passcode: K?mY3w.d

Date: February 28, 2023VIRTUAL MEETING
“ How to Clear the Mess on Your Desk”
Speaker:  Kelli Bergheimer

Date: March 28, 2023 – VIRTUAL MEETING
“The Photo Angel Project”
Speaker:  Kate Kelley

Date: April 25, 2023 –
“Resources and History of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts”
Speaker:  Walter Hunt