Past CMGS Programs 2020-2022

Past CMGS Programs from 2022

Gone A Whalin’:  Western Mass Crews on Whalers – Dennis Picard

The Maine-Canada-Ireland Connection – Seeking Rogers’ Roots – Carol McCoy

Leominster Public Library in Partnership with The Central Mass Genealogical Society Genealogy Escape Room – Donald Featherstone and the Case of the Pink Flamingo – A Virtual Program With Thomas MacEntee

Paddy on the Railway:  Irish Labourers and the Building of the Great Western Railroad – Dennis Picard

Family Medical History and the Importance for GenerationsCarol Bosworth

Leominster Public Library in Partnership with The Central Mass Genealogical SocietyEllis Island-Gateway to a DreamSeema-Jayne Kenney

Building a Genealogy Research Toolbox – Thomas MacEntee

Militia of the Seas: Massachusetts Privateering Records from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 – Kathleen Kaldis

Publish On Demand – Leslie Ray Sears

The Family Search Catalog: A Researcher’s Best Friend – Diana Elder

Location, Location, Location: Putting Your Ancestors in Their Place – Diana Elder

Leominster Public Library in Partnership with The Central Mass Genealogical Society
Yours for Humanity: Abby (a one woman play about Abby Kelley Foster)Lynne McKenney Lydick

Murder, Mayhem and Town Tragedy Liza Alzo


Past CMGS Programs from 2021

How do I Know What I Don’t Know? Fast racking Your Genealogy Research – Thomas MacEntee

1950 Census: Are You Ready – Thomas MacEntee

Immigration Regulations & Experience – Seema-Jayne Kenney

The Family History Guide – Bob Taylor

From Pilgrims to Pioneers: Researching Your Colonial New England Ancestors – Kathleen Kaldis

Another Boarder:  The Reception of French-Canadians to New England – David Vermette

Members Sharing with Members – CMGS Members

Sanborn Maps – Ari Wilkins

Irish History II – Tom Toohey

Huzzah! Researching Your Revolutionary Roots – Kathleen Kaldis

Naturalization Records – Seema Jayne Kenney


Past CMGS Programs from 2020

Beginning Evernote – Lisa Louise Cook

The Pierce Mansion in South Gardner – Ken Watson

Using Historic Maps in your Genealogical Research – Sara Campbell

Researching Your Nova Scotia & Cape Breton Ancestors – Kathleen Kaldis

Overlooked Municipal Records (Secrets of my Vault) – Sara Campbell

Did I Get Everything? Creating a Checklist for Genealogy Research – Thomas MacEntee

Much More than & – Dave Robison

Land Ho! Calling all Mayflower Descendants – Kathleen Kaldis

Huzzah! There’s a Lineage Society for That! – Kathleen Kaldis

Timelines: The Straight Line Between You and Your Ancestor – Cindy Ingle