Upcoming Meetings 2021


August 24, 2021 – Sanborn Maps

Presentation by Ari Wilkins

Recreating neighborhoods can provide rich and insightful details about an ancestor’s life and surroundings. This lecture will demonstrate ways to build a map using Sanborn Fire insurance maps, census records, and city directories in Google Maps.

Ari Wilkins, a graduate of Louisiana State University, has been actively researching family history since 1998. Ms. Wilkins has spoken nationally at the National Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies, Texas State Genealogical Society, Ohio Genealogical Society, Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, American Library Association, RootsTech, and a multitude of local societies.  

Ari has been a Library Associate at Dallas Public Library since 2007.   She teaches a series of basic research classes using popular genealogical websites. She specializes in African American research.


September 28, 2021 – Irish History II

Presentation by Thomas Toohey

The second Irish history lecture covers the time span to from the Flight of the Earls to the beginning of the great famine. Some of the major events during this time period include The Rebellion of 1841, Cromwell’s invasion, The Battle of the Boyne and the penal laws, the rebellion of 1798 and Catholic Emancipation. This lecture ends with the death of Daniel O’Connell and the beginnings of the great famine.

Tom Toohey is a modern day Irish storyteller who has traveled to Ireland 19 times and collected hundreds of stories. He comes to this tradition naturally as his parents were great storytellers. In the last few years Tom has recorded his family stories in a five volume book called Images of Other Lives. For 40 years Tom was a teacher. He taught all levels from elementary school through graduate school as a public school teacher, adjunct professor and educational consultant. Tom has a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and a M.M. from the University of Hartford.